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APTACA, established in 1976, gained its position in these years thanks to its great professional attitude in the national and international market of single use and reusable products for laboratory of analysis, of research and for hospitals, becoming a leader in this field.

italcertThe most modern productive technologies, together with a highly qualified staff and thirty years experience in this field, allow APTACA a great flexibility and the possibility to satisfy the most wide requests of his Customers and to offer an excellent service and a good quality product with competitive prices. APTACA got, since 1998, the conformity of its Quality System to ISO 9001 and, from 2007, to ISO 13485 thanks to his efficient production system and his great quality attention.

The constant commitment in all these years in research and development of products allows us to offer a range always more complete and attentive to the Customers and End Users needs in Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Haematology, Microbiology, Bacteriology and Cryogenics fields.

In this context of continuous innovation is born VacuAptaca®, a complete line of Vacuum Devices for blood and urine sampling.

All VacuAptaca® Devices are subject to the most strictly quality controls and are manufactured with high quality materials, meeting the strictest European and international Rules (CE IVD - CE MD - ISO 6710 - UNI EN 14820 - UNI EN 14254 - UNI EN ISO 11137, etc.) in order to ensure the maximum safety and efficiency to Health workers.
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